Saturday, October 22, 2011

VeganMoFo V: Ain't Nothin' But a Gangsta Party

Today's entry is a food memory.  As high schooler, one of the major hang out spots was this place called Mad Hatter's Tea House.  At the time, the place was on Ave B in a seedy part of town.  It was behind a museum but several hundred feet from a park frequented by drug dealers and prostitutes at night.  My friends and I loved it because it made us feel grown up.

cuke and tofu salad sandwiches
Mad Hatter's was in an old, converted house.  The floors squeaked when you walked on them.  Everything was a little bit crooked and the rooms were small and cozy.  It's such a fantastic idea that I seriously associate this place with San Antonio.  You walked in, placed your order, and picked out your tea cup from the crooked shelving lined with mismatched dishes.

chocolate chip scones, clotted cream, raspberry preserves
We'd sit there for hours eating four berry cobbler and a huge pot of whatever we felt like at the time.  I wish more cities had places like this.

So, today, I just made a bunch of stuff for tea.  The gang was running late (Smackers is a bit of a diva) so I just took shots of the food.

mixed berry cobbler
I made mixed berry cobbler (waaaay too frickin' sweet for my tastes), clotted cream, chocolate chip scones, fresh veggies, cucumber sandwiches, and egg salad sandwiches.  It's enough for a weekend and even some weekday eats.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm sugar crashing from that cobbler.


celyn said...

I would like to attend that tea party! Looks perfect.

Andy Dufresne said...

That all looks so amazing! What a nice memory.

kmouse said...

Whoa!!!! said...

I wish there was a place like that here, vegan of course! I need to make some tea sandwiches soon.

Mandee said...

I like that there's a place called Mad Hatter's and your tea spread looks fantastic, especially those scones, yum!

Luciana said...

I would have been to the party early with all that food!