Friday, October 21, 2011

VeganMoFo V: Home for the Holidays in Style

Next month begins the non stop holiday season, though I've already been assaulted by the foul scent of decaying cinnamon brooms.  Well, last year I never blogged about how I got prepared to visit family.  Era and I are a road warriors so we drove 18+ hours non-stop to Texas w/ 2 chihuahuas and a trunk filled with gift bags.  This is how we do it without the stress:

1. If you are bringing gifts, pick a theme.  It makes it so much easier.  I like to do baking themes because the assembly is streamlined.  Last year it was holiday cookies and confections.  I've done breakfast themes, game night themes, and so on...

2. Head to the dollar store.  There is no need to spend so much money when you can get something for $1.  Those sweet ass tins and gift tags are from my neighborhood Dollar Tree.  Holler.

cookie power!
3. A nice presentation makes people feel appreciated.  The cookies above are covered in plastic wrap.  See what a difference some curling ribbon and a tag makes?  I ended up filling each bag with some sort of beverage, several different types of cookies, savory snack mix, focaccia, a tin of fudge, and a mini loaf of either banana bread, date cake, or baklava bread.

Nana Marg's Nuts and Bolts from Garden of Vegan
cookies from VCIYCJ and 500 Vegan Recipes
4. Plan and bake ahead.  Keep in mind about the picky eaters and people with allergies (Mom and sis hate coconut.  Era and bro-in-law hate raisins.  Sister hates peanut butter.  Sis-in-law allergic to bananas).  Bake the cookies and freeze until ready to assemble.

seriously delicious date cake (thanks to Kmouse for talking it up!)
5. Most of all, don't forget to pack the leftovers for yourselves!  Muahahaha.  Era and I always back snack mix, meal bars, fresh fruits and veggies, drinks, caffeine, and sammiches on our trips.  Such a fun time!  I love my road trips with my dogs and the boy.

a lil' sumthin' for the road
Woo!  All right.  Tomorrow it's gonna get all tea party up in herre.  Have a great Friday everybody.


CraftyEarthMama said...

I used some of those same tins last year! I bought the majority of my tins at Big Lot's, but needed a few more and took a trip to the dollar store.
Cute ides to do theme gifts :)

Mandee said...

This is a great idea, I just want to give everyone homemade cookies this year!

Also, I had no idea you have 2 chihuahuas.

And I am excited for another one of your tea parties!

omgoshimvegan said...

I was just talking to a friend about having a cookie swap party this year. This way my friends and I would go home with tasty treats and get some great recipes as well.

vijita said...

This is wonderful/adorable. Please come to Canada for the holidays! :) said...

I'm already excited about Christmas baking! I'm thinking of making cookie mixes and cake balls this year. I can't believe you can buy cookie tins like that for $1, that's insane, the £1 stores here never seem to have such good stuff!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Lots of prep but totally worth it!

Andy Dufresne said...

I love doing the homemade-baked-good-as-holiday-gift thing too. You're look beautiful! I should totally pick up some tins this year. I also didn't know you had doggles! I request that they make a mofo appearance!

Katie said...

Oh my god, those stupid cinnamon brooms! It took me a good two weeks to figure out why every grocery store smelled like a giant red hot.