Monday, October 24, 2011

VeganMoFo V: Woof, There It Is

I feel like most vegans have cats.  I, however, have dogs.  Ferocious little chihuahua mixes that are seriously fearless of anything...unless we're talking about boxes.  I present to you: Gizmo and Emma.

Name: Gizmo
Aliases: Many
Age: 7
Status: Adopted stray.  Era's niece had a dog who got a girl pregnant and Era introduced us on my 22nd birthday!
Best Friend: Mr. Frog.  He's gone through 3 in his lifetime, attacking the eye balls of each impostor upon introduction.
Vegan Likes: Carrots, frozen peas, nooch, the occasional bell pepper
Strengths: Super tracking abilities.  No human can hide for long.
True Story: Got hit by a truck and walked away with a one inch cut that healed within days.  The vet was amazed.
Dislikes: Anything cold, celery, and when Emma steals his toys.

Name: Emma
Aliases: Fo' dayz
Age: 7
Status: Adopted stray.  When Era was a substitute teacher, he called me up one day saying he found a girl chihuahua.  He waited a few days until he saw her again, and he brought her home.  We took her to the vet and the rest is history.
Best Friend: Ducky, but she'll totally steal Mr. Frog.
Vegan Likes: Carrots, frozen peas, apples, bell peppers, oranges, everything.
Freegan Likes: Straight dumpster dives like a mothatrucka.  Girl gets into everything.
True Story: Super jumping and opening abilities.  She has unzipped my backpack and my purse before.  And...without opposable thumbs!
Dislikes: Zombie sheep, dogs on television, when humans scratch their fingernails on upholstery.

These two chuckleheads are the loves of my life and best friends forever.  So, hope you liked meeting the two  other members of the Martin-Cisneros clan.

10 comments: said...

Such cute pups!

GiGi said...

Yep, I have cats, but I would have dogs and bunnies and more if I had the space. I love these little guys. I was going to be a chihuahau for Halloween, but decided on something else. (oh btw the way- you have the same b-day as my dad!)

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Anonymous said...

omg they are so freaking cute! Dogs are the new cats! I can't believe Gizmo got hit by a truck. Dinger, our beagle, is totally crazy about chihuahuas. His best friend (who moved away) was a little one named Biscuit. Whenever we go to the dog park he always gets someone to let him into the small dog area so he can play with them.

Katie said...

My oldest cat got hit by a car when she was only a few months old. Like, I saw fur fly. I took her home crying and my mom refused to take her to the vet (bitch), and she is now 16 and never so much as limped from it.

Anonymous said...

They are so adorable! How wonderful that you all found each other!

Kittee Bee Berns said...

I love your babies! I am really confused about the freckles tho. Especially in the first photo. Please help. Vee wants to know what's up, too.


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Stephanie-Gizmo loves big dogs! His first friend was our rottweiler, Malcolm. When Malcolm died, Gizzy was heartbroken.

Kittee-Ha! It's a cartoon filter from Photobucket.

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Ty (aka Meccabell) said...

Oh my goodness, they are so cute. You make me want to showcase my babies. And you're right, lots of vegans have cats. I am allergic so IMHO dogs rule.