Sunday, October 23, 2011

VeganMoFo V: Show Me Watcha Got

Confession time.  That's totally a reference to a Limp Bizkit song.  Yes, I totally loved them in high school.  No, I don't wanna talk about it. Haha.  My other confession is that I didn't feel like cooking today.  I spent the day doing homework, coming up with my Saved menu, and watching Felicity.  Best day eva!

So, I figured I'd do the kitchen/refrigerator meme that I've seen in MoFo's past.  I haven't seen it yet this year, but I've been mostly looking at blogs that comment here, are in my blogroll, or the ones that pop up at Random Mofo.

Above is a picture of my kitchen.  I took this a while ago, but the only change is that there is so much more stuff on my counter now.  There's a large amount of counter space, but the kitchen isn't too big.  I hate the color, but it's my landlord's choice.  Also, the lighting is wonky.  Great in the summer all day, but it goes super fast in the fall/winter.  I'm talking about tragically dark by noon because of the angle of the sun as it relates to my windows.

fridge after I throw everything in on shopping day
This is how my fridge looks right after grocery shopping.  I live with a pescatarian, but I mostly deal with the occasional cheese or carton of eggs.  I always put paper bags in the crispers to lessen the humidity.  It works super well.  My condiment shelves are usually hella organized (mustards together, jam and nut butters, pickled things), but I gave up on that because Era never puts them back correctly.

The freezer is always stocked with nuts and seeds.  I usually throw dates in there too.  We have frozen fruits and veggies on the ready.  When we occasionally get great finds at Ralph's (as in $1 Yves products), we'll throw those in there.

What's in your kitchen?  That's mostly rhetorical, as I really want to see pictures.  I geek out on that stuff.

Tomorrow is dedicated to my dogs!  I'm moving Saved to the weekend cuz I gots plans!  Hope everybody had a great weekend.


radioactivegan said...

Your kitchen looks great! I love bars and open plans like yours. Although I agree that the color isn't the best; a brighter color would really open it up and maybe help with the dark winter days.

K said...

I used to love felicity. Love seeing everyones posts with their kitchen pics but I think i'm too ashamed to show my cluttered tiny kitchen.

jessy said...

damn, Mo - your kitchen is making me all jealousfaced! i wish ours was that open & big. huzzah!

i just recently saw Saved at a friends house during a girl's night - ferk'n hilarious as hell. i love it! i cannot wait for your Saved menu and as you say, "hell to the yes" for taking a day to catch up on homework and relaxing with some Felicity. MEGAyay!

vijita said...

Do I spy Indio dates in your freezer?! Love!

Andrea said...

Your fridge looks just like ours used to look on shopping day. Lately we've been trying to cut down on waste by buying only what fresh foods we think we can in in three days, then picking up a few more things mid week. I'd have to clean the fridge before I photographed it, but maybe I should!

Lauren said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! I'm jealous! said...

I love seeing inside people's fridges! I'm jealous of how much counter space you have too!

Rachel Hallows said...

The American conception of what constitutes a small kitchen is so vastly different from the British/European. It's taken me a long time to get used to it. You should see my big kitchen that's about half the size of yours! (Seriously, you should come see my kitchen! We're about to have 2 bedrooms so you could totally crash at ours.)

omgoshimvegan said...

Love your kitchen. And I gotta say I am with you a day of enjoying Felicity is a wonderful day.