Saturday, October 15, 2011

VeganMoFo V: What's a Matcha for You?

Last night I used pear and cardamom to make some matcha rolls.  The pear was ripe but firm.  However, it made everything saucy, which isn't what I was going for.

pull apart or stand alone?  i am definitely from the pull apart school
This is basically a modification of my boozy apple pecan cinnamon rolls.  It's a bit less complicated because the filling is just sliced pears, and I replaced the cinnamon with cardamom in the sugar mixture.  Also no booze.  It's topped with black sesame seeds just because.  But I'd totally make these again (and, perhaps, measure the matcha) with sweet red bean.

Besides chowing down on some cardamom rolls, I started thinking about my favorite vegan bargains for less than 2 bucks.  Now presenting...

Vegan Deals Under $2
Tofu-$0.98 from Fresh and Easy
Tempeh-$1.99 from Trader Joe's
Artisinal Bread-Varies.  Check the bakery clearance at your local store.  Check to see that it's still fresh and hasn't gone bad.  I've gotten really good breads for less than $1 before and they were far from expiration.
TVP-Varies.  In bulk, this stuff is definitely cheap.  Plus, it lasts forever.  In many Mexican grocers, you can find packages of "carne de soya" that run about $1.50.
Fruits/Veggies-Varies.  It goes without saying that fresh produce can be super inexpensive, especially greens.
Lara Bars-About $1.29.  Ideally, I'd like to have these on hand at all times.  These saved me many times when there were no other vegan options.
Soyrizo-$1.99 at Trader Joe's.  The best soyrizo in all the land!
E.L.F. Makeup-Usually $1-$10 at Target, KMart, and certain grocery stores.  Cruelty free and vegan.  Most basic makeup things cost $1.  I'm talking shadows, primers, mascaras, tools, etc.  The huge eyeshadow books cost $5-$10.  I love these things.

That's all for now.  Do you have any vegan deals you absolutely adore?


Dawn said...

Wasabi roasted seaweed at TJ's - around $1.

And I don't think they're quite under $2, but they are under $3: the baked lentil chips and the rice/adzuki bean chips from TJ's.

Those rolls look tasty!

celyn said...

I would like to try those rolls even though I don't like pears!

The tempeh and the repackaged Wildwood tofu at Trader Joe's are great bargains, plus bulk bins at my local grocer New Seasons! There are also often good deals at my closest (overpriced!) grocery store. When they have overstock, which is all the time, they fill up carts in the back of the store with drastically reduced prices. Most recently, I got six cartons of Eden organic unsweetened soy milk for 1.99 each. I gave two away for good fortune!

Jeni Treehugger said...

That looks deee-lish Mo.
Loving the make-up deals the most 'cos that shatang can be mega expensive.

Anonymous said...

Mo!!!! I wanted to make bean paste filled rolls myself today! Then I noticed that I don't have quite enough flour left (by 3/4 cup). Boo. But I'm totally going to make them as soon as the shops are open again. Sometimes Sundays really suck.

Matcha is a great idea BTW! said...

OMG matcha & pear are two of my favourite flavours ever, I think those rolls would blow my mind! Recipe please??

missmuffcake said...

I love matcha flavors...Like matcha hard candy at the Japanese $1 stores.

You cannot beat $1 Earth Balance though...That was a great find and they have yet to carry it again.

Mandee said...

I've never tried matcha but I bet those rolls are delicious, I have mad cinnamon roll cravings now!

Richa said...

i love matcha in my bread, rolls or cakes! i think i am going to love these rolls. and thanks for the bargain info! i definitely need to get some of these

Richa @

Lizzie Bordello said...

Thanks for the makeup tip - I'm not a makeup gal, but I need to get some for my Halloween costume, and don't want to spend a ton on something I won't use again. Cheap and vegan, yay!