Monday, October 20, 2008

VeganMoFo: Menudo Monday

I took the weekend off by accident. Saturday I was helping some friends move and I spent all day in Austin competing in a poetry scrimmage. Yesterday I was recovering from Saturday.

Speaking of recovering, I was fiending for some vegan menudo on Sunday. I couldn't make it to Green because I lacked any energy to drive anywhere. I ended up eating beanie weenies. Not nearly as fulfilling.

So I spent this afternoon making menudo. I'm about 95% happy with the recipe. I need to fine tune it before I post it anywhere. I don't know how much salt I put in it at all. Plus canned hominy is not of the greatness.

Here it is, sans cilantro because I forgot to get some at the store. It's a little nekkid, but it was pretty damn good. Not too spicy, but it had that nice back of the throat kick



Vegan menudo. Holy crap, I'd never thought I see the day.
Please post the recipe ASAP.

Bethany said...

vegan menudo - you must post this.

VERY thankfully I never had this prevegan. Though I doubt I would have.

next thing you know, there will be vegan scrapple.

Erin said...

Vegan menudo? You're crazy. But I'd love to see the recipe once you perfect it. I was actually in an authentic taqueria this morning and they were serving up huge bowls of the stuff. I hate to think of what's actually in it.