Thursday, October 9, 2008

VeganMoFo: Grape Expectations and Random Things

A duck walks into a bar and says to the bartender: Got any grapes? The bartender looks confused and responds: Uh…no. So the duck shrugs and walks out.

The next day the duck walks back in. The bartender asks: What can I get for you, sir? The duck asks: Got any grapes? The bartender says: No. I told you that yesterday. The duck leaves the bar.

The next day the duck saunters up to the bartender and says: Hey bartender, got any grapes? The bartender is livid: NO, Duck! This is a bar! I do not have any grapes. You come in here again, and I’m gonna staple your beak shut! The duck shakes his head and walks out.

A couple of days later the duck walks in the bar and asks: Do you have any staples? The bartender looks confused: Of course not! This is a bar, Duck. We have alcohol. So the duck responds: Well any grapes?
So last night I decided that black grapes were my favorite. Green are too tart and red are too sweet. It’s a done deal. I’m telling you people: black grapes will turn a room. At my Festivus celebration of 2007, the big hit was my grapes. Go fig.

So I decided to make a list of my favorite fruits…in no particular order.

1. Watermelon-my favorite fruit of all time. In the summer I like to cut it in chunks and freeze it. It is so good that way.
2. Bananas-They can never really go bad. I like to eat them when they still have some green on the top. Otherwise, I use them for cooking.
3. Plums-black are my favorite. They are the least tart to me.
4. Mango-This is the fruit equivalent of sex. Think about it.
5. Black cherries-And now I feel I am being discriminatory when it comes to my fruit. So I also LOVE Rainer cherries.
6. Figs-Are too delicious for words.

And going along with today’s random theme, I did a big order from Vegan Essentials and last week. Pictured below is everything I got today. I love ordering things. It feels like Christmas.

Clockwise from 12: "Meat Free Zone" sign, American Dreamz, Aesop Rock's Labor Days, Sweet and Sara's toasted coconut marshmallows, Teese (which will be used for EVIL), Sjaaks Peanut Butter and Almond Butter Cups, "Veggie Chick" Button, "All My Heroes Have FBI Files" Button, Sweet and Sara's S'mores (regular and pb), Surf Sweets sour Gummi worms (vegan dirt cake, WHAT?!), Lucky # Slevin
I’m running behind a little on cooking. I made Vegan Planet’s Spicy Soy Stromboli yesterday. It wasn’t spicy, but it was very good. Lots of veggies and tofu. My first time making stromboli so the pictures were crap. I didn’t make anything today, but plan to cook two things tomorrow.

Happy Thursday, y’all!


Sanja said...

O, I love ordering things too, but I rarely do it. And it's so great, indeed like a box full of Christmas presents to yourself.

kittee said...

you have good taste in fruit! watermelon season just ended here, we were supplied all summer by the best ones ever from mississippi. i've never tried freezing them before, do you freeze them solid?


Megan said...

You know, I wonder just how sensitive Robin Robertson is, since her Vegan Fire & Spice is (so far) not so spicy, either. Hmm.

I'm jealous of your haul.

Vegan Planet said...

On top of being so yummy, black grapes are gorgeous, too!

About the spiciness of the stromboli recipe and also about the spiciness of the recipes in Vegan Fire and Spice: one of the things I try to do when creating "spicy" recipes is settle on a happy medium of heat level to appeal to most people, at least as a base line. Invariably, some people like their food spicier, and some less spicy. In Vegan Fire and Spice especially, I explain that the heat may be amped up for true "fire eaters" and hope that when you make these recipes, you'll keep that in mind and season to suit your own taste. With something as subjective as heat and spice, it's hard to hit on a single measurement that will please everyone. I hope this is helpful!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Kittee, I cut the watermelons into chunks and freeze them. I usually let them thaw before eating.

One summer my air conditioner went out and that was the way we beat the heat.