Monday, October 5, 2009

VeganMoFo III: Just Another Movie Monday

Oh oh oh.  I wish it was Sunday.  Seriously.  I absolutely loathe Mondays.  For some reason I always feel like I'm forgetting something which makes me feel rushed and uncentered.  Then my yoga was interrupted by my sister and husband, I thought I had wine for my dinner but didn't, and the sun went down before I could take pics of the food.  Bring on Tuesday already!  Ha ha.

This is the first Movie Monday and I am stoked about it because it's all about the vampyre.  Remember when vampires were the most feared creatures of the night?  Think really hard.  Long ago, before vampires were reduced to playing dominating high school sweethearts who get their bling on in the sunlight.  Yeah.  There was this movie called Blade II, my favorite of the series.  It has vampires killing vampires and so much kick assery, even Ryan Reynold's abs are jealous.  Wesley Snipes as Blade is as healthy as it gets.  That man just oozes bad assness out of his perfectly formed guns.  And tonight's menu is brought to you by the letter "v" for Veganomicon.  I'm basically killing two vamps with one stake, as the youth say.  I busted out some recipes I had never made before.  It was fangtastic!  One too many vampire references?  One.  One reference.  Two.  Two reference.  Two...a ha ha.  Okay, I'm done.

Blade II Menu O' Doom
Portobello Stakes covered in Vampyre Guts (roasted portobellos and red wine roux from Vcon)
Lower Fat Garlic Smashed Potatoes (mashed potato variation from Vcon)
Daywalker's Detoxifying Kale (lightly steamed kale, balsamic vinegar, and toasted pine nuts)
Chilled Holy Water

I sincerely apologize for how shiny my dinner looks.  It was quite tasty, though!  I had never made those roasted portobellos before, and my life is all changed because of them.  So freaking good!

Breakfast: 1 nectarine, 1 rice cake, crunchy almond butter
Lunch: spicy blackeyed peas & greens, ginger mashed potatoes & apples, and apple juice
Snack: 1 carrot, 1 celery stick, miso tahini dressing (Vcon), chai tea w/ agave and a splash of chocolate soymilk
Dinner: roasted portobello w/ red wine roux, steamed kale w/ balsamic and pine nuts, garlic smashed potatoes

Water-6 so far
Exercise-A little bit of yoga
Notes-This is the second day I've missed my fifth meal so I had to sit down and make a food schedule.  Yes, I'm a little insane.  I also think I may need to get some working out in before class in the mornings.  Maybe.  Getting up that early makes me cranky all day.  I'm turning off my phone tomorrow when I work out either way.

Well, I got a date with my pillow and season 4 of Weeds.  Good night, yo.  Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky...


Bonnie said...

Oooh, the movie mondays are a great idea. Sounds awesome.
But I'm sorry the rest of your monday sucked so much--I hate that whole rushed/scattered feeling. I hope your tuesday will be better!

and I like how the food looks, by the way.

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

LOVE your blog. everything looks amazing!

Mandee said...

I am not a huge scary movie girl BUT I liked Blade II due to Ryan Renolds, <3

I like the look of the portobello 'stakes'!

kmouse said...

Yum! The portobellos in red wine sauce sound amazing! I love you and your little lists and schedules. I'm like that too, a bit OCD... :)

Jen said...

i like your themed foods, and i LOVE weeds! i finished season 4 and ready to start season 5. if you need to process, drop me a line.

chow vegan said...

I liked the Twilight series. lol :-) I've gotta try the roasted portabellos now!

Anonymous said...

The food schedule was my trick when I was trying to lose weight. I found the diary pointed out my missteps after the fact but didn't prevent the new ones--but the schedule/menu plan stuck. Good luck with it, and love the vampire theme foods.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Awesome post, woman!

I'm learning something new with each of your posts, so let's hear it for Vegan MoFo! how you brought in a reference to "The Count. " I spend almost every weekend with him at his castle. (That's at Sesame Place, Lancester, PA....Ha, ha, ha. I loooove to count! Insert sound of thunder crashing.)