Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vegan MoFo III: Miniature Thanksgiving Part I

Sweet, merciful Zeus!  Never has a day gone so horribly wrong before.  I'm not in a bad mood, though, because all of this is incredibly hilarious to me.  So I started out today knowing that I needed only three ingredients.  When I got home this afternoon, I decided I would make as much food as I could until I had to get the ingredients.  What should have been a quick trip to the store...really wasn't.  First, I couldn't find cranberries anywhere!  No fresh, no frozen, no canned.  What the frack?!  I didn't even know this was possible.  C'mon Food 4 Less.  Stop being lame.

Then I was getting ready to make my cornbread dressing when I realized I never got bread.  I had to stop once again and walk to the freaking store to get bread.

So, of course, by the time I finished cooking everything it was too dark to get a decent picture.  Plus, did you know Thanksgiving food is really brown?  So not food porn worthy.  Most of the photos will have to wait until tomorrow.  But here's the crappy proof that I did make the food:

Oh, and I made these awesome pumpkin cheesecake bites.  This was also something I had to adapt.  I wanted those mini phyllo cups, but Winco didn't have them.  I have never missed HEB more than I did this week.  I ended up using gingersnaps.

I'm way too tired and frazzled to post any recipes right now.  But I'll do it tomorrow.  My freezer and fridge are filled with so much food right now.  I need to give some of the sweets away because it will take us forever to get through them.

More to come tomorrow.  By the way, macaroni bites are the absolute best!


kittee said...

glad you conquered everything, even with a few hardships. yum.


mollyjade said...

We're in a Thanksgiving mood, too. We had stuffing/dressing, green beans, and pumpkin pie for dinner the other night.

Can't wait to see everything you made.

k said...

must...make...macaroni bites.

I like your mini thanksgiving idea, much easier to gobble that way!

melissa bastian. said...

I am fascinated by whatever these "macaroni bites" are that you mention!

Aarg. I'm sorry that your day of cooking went awry! But I'm willing to bet that you made a bunch of amazing stuff anyway, and I for one can't wait to see. it. :D

Oh, and yes. TG food is brown.

Anonymous said...

Please send any excess my way :)

Afsoon said...

<3 the pumpkin cheesecake bites!

jessy said...

you are too much, Monique! i love that you didn’t let all those snags in your plan get’cha down. yay!

i too find that funny about thanksgiving food (and a lot of southern yummies that we love to eat) – it’s so brown, but oh-so goooooooood! pumpkin cheesecake bites – wow! i super puffy heart that you used gingersnaps – brilliant! i am looking forward to your rock’n recipes, fo ‘sho! mmmmmm! did you say macaroni bites?! zomg!

Anonymous said...

So often I feel this way when I try new things...frazzled, harried, and everything gets finished way too late. Glad to see I'm not the only one who goes through this. Sigh. still, the food looks tasty. I think I am def. trying the macaroni bites.