Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vegan MoFo III: The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright

Today is the first day I've been legitimately happy here.  It was windy and cold all day and not super sunny!  I know it seems weird, but I have never missed Texas more than since the "fall" began.  I know I probably shouldn't have moved to the desert if I expected changing seasons.  Also, I probably shouldn't have moved to the most boring city in California if I expected excitement.  But everyday here is bright and sunny.  It makes me long for the dreary and wet fall/winter season of San Antonio.

People perceive Texas as this backwards, racist, crapfest.  Not true.  Just like any other state, there are jackasses, but Texas has a lot of greatness.  It's beautiful, filled with so many amazing cultures, and you won't find better food anywhere.  Tex Mex is king, baby!

So today I set out to make a fantastic meal that reminded me of home.  Unfortunately, my little Emma got sick.  So in the midst of cooking I had to clean up everything she got sick all over.  That dog is forever getting into something!  Silly monkey.

Instead of recipes and pictures, I'll tell you about what I made and share the recipes tomorrow.

When I was younger, my friends and I would stay out until all hours of the night.  I'd often get a call at midnight to meet somewhere for food.  If it wasn't IHOP, it was a local Mexican restaurant.  In fact, Mexican food was our go to every Tuesday after the poetry slam.  I had always eyed these enchiladas poblanas on the menu, but played it safe with bean and potato tacos.  The enchiladas were filled with cheese, poblano peppers, and shredded chicken.  They seemed easy enough to veganize.

Tonight I made a cilantro cashew ricotta that was based off of the Veganomicon cashew ricotta.  I filled the enchiladas with it, roasted poblanos and marinated jackfruit.  Then I topped it with a tomatillo and avocado sauce and shredded Teese.  The plan was to serve it with some refried beans and rice with peas 'n' carrots.  Plus, I was going to make sopapillas.  I promise them tomorrow.

And here's a hint about what I'd like to do on Saturday (please forgive the crappy lighting):

Goodnight y'all!


melissa bastian. said...

CLAP-CLAP-CLAP-CLAP deep in the heeaaaarrrt of Texas!

I read the first line of this post and said, "Awwww." It's hard to be in a new place, and part of what's hard is definitely just how a place feels. There are atmospheres in New Orleans that I just can't find in New York... of course there were things I could never find in New Orleans either, real seasons being one of them.

I love sopapillas! The mother of my best friend in high school (who is still one of my good friends) is from Mexico, and she always used to make them for us. So simple, so nourishing...

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

TEXAS RULES!!! I love where i live now (TN) because the seasons are more defined, but i'll always be a texas girl at heart.
and you're right- people do have a lot of off-base notions about Texas and Texans.

Anonymous said...

Your cilantro cashew ricotta stuffed poblanos sound DELIGHTFUL. I'd love to hear more about them!

I went to Texas once, and the nature part of it was really beautiful, but the towns were sad and full of trash, and I was in the scary gay-hating extreme southern part of Texas, so I was kind of scared. And there was no vegan food anywhere. I ate peanut butter sandwiches for a week.

Kelly said...

I really need to visit Texas. One of my best friends from college just moved into her own apartment in Austin, and I know she'd love a visitor... hmm!

Can't wait for your photos and recipes; the enchiladas sound fantastic!

Jen said...

great mo, now i want mexican food. it's a shame people feel that way about tey-has-(perhaps king george the 2nd has something to do with that?), because i'm fascinated with a state that is so huge. and i've never been to austin--i so want to go there. dallas vegan's blog also makes me wanna sing the theme song from 'dallas' and look for all the tasty eats they list.

jessy said...

i’m glad today was a happy day, Monique! we live in virginia and that’s the one thing i love the most about it – the changing seasons. i’m glad you had a nice cloudy day (i love a good cloudy day, too – especially one that’s pretty darn breezy.)! i love that you skipped the iHOP & grubbed on tasty mexican eatz back in the day. i think we visited the waffle house a lot. ah ha ha! i wish we had mexican yummies open that late back them. mmmmmmmm! oh man, i can’t wait to get these recipes, Monique! hooooooray!

p.s. - your saturday is going to be the awesomest!

aTxVegn said...

What a great tribute to the great State of Texas! I try not to make texmex food ALL the time, but I love it so much! Your enchiladas sound incredible.

Mihl said...

Every day bright and sunny sounds good to me :D