Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vegan MoFo III: Tof-u, Tof-migas

In an effort to use up some of the leftovers from this week, I am pushing back the snack action until tomorrow.  Okay.  Truthfully, it's also because I'm a huge procrastinator.  I planned to make stuff all week so all I'd have to do is upload photos, but the day is here and I have nothing to show for it.  Boo to that.

Instead I made tofu migas with ingredients I had on hand.  Ain't no party like a pantry raid party, cuz a pantry raid party don't stop!  Also...brinner!  I had potatoes from Sunday's brunch, beans from last night's dinner, and corn tortillas that I bought...honestly, I don't know how long ago.  Migas are pretty much a throw all the leftovers into one pot and make with the eating type of thing.  In Texas we traditionally have corn tortilla strips, jalapeno, onion, tomato, cilantro, and eggs.  Sometimes there's pico de gallo in place of the tomatoes and cilantro.  You can put whatever veggies you want in there, though.

For my tofu, I sauteed onion and corn tortilla strips in some oil.  When the tortillas were starting to brown and crisp, I threw in the tofu.  Then added garlic, black salt, sea salt, pepper, and cumin.  Finally, I put the tomatoes in to heat through and mixed in the cilantro.

I've never seen migas served alone.  Anytime I see them on a menu the plate usually contains refried beans, potatoes, and flour tortillas.  I am Texan to the core and I love me some flour tortillas!  Corn and whole wheat are all good and fine, but give me the unbleached AP flour kind.  Mmm.  Tortillas.  Sorry, I'm getting off topic.  So I made Eddie G's veganized version of his grandma's tortillas because I love those things.

My plate starting at 12 o'clock: tofu migas, flour tortillas, potatoes with ketchup and hot sauce (didn't have Tapatio so Crystal's had to do), refried beans with teese, and mashed avocado.

This was free because I had everything on hand.  If you had to purchase all the ingredients, it wouldn't be a big deal.  So this is definitely cheap eats!


World Market Chili and Lime Dark Chocolate Bar-For once, the lime flavor doesn't overwhelm.  It kinda underwhelms.  I could barely taste it.  It was subtle enough to make the bar taste a little like plastic.  I can't explain it.  The only way I'd be able to eat this is in a cookie and only if the flavor was deeply masked.
World Market Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar-I had my doubts, but this was so good!  The salt isn't just in the background.  It works equally with the chocolate.  It's like eating a chocolate covered pretzel...but without all that pretzel action getting in the way.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.
So Delicious Coconut Milk Original Flavor-It's super creamy, but it me.  It's also so thick that it reminds me of real milk so I don't really like it.  I think it would make amazing ice cream and be great in place of cream, but I can't justify paying over 4 dollars for something that I couldn't just drink.
Whole Soy & Co Frozen Yogurt Vanilla Bean Flavor-I just happened upon this in the store the other day.  They make my favorite yogurt so I was very intrigued when I saw the ice cream.  It wasn't until I got it home that I realized it was frozen yogurt.  My initial impression was that it tasted too much like soy, but it grew on me.  It was like crack!  I blame the vanilla beans.  It doesn't firm up too much in the freezer either.  I'd definitely try it again with another flavor to see if I like it.

*Disclaimer: All reviewed items were purchased by myself with my own money.

Well, that's all I have.  I'm going to bed.  So tired.


Stacy said...

ooh, what a coincidink. I just picked up that Whole Soy vanilla bean frozen yogurt today. Wanted to make me a milkshake. I can't wait to try it tomorrow!

Bonnie said...

Whoa, looks like a delicious feast!
I want to make my own tortillas, too.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Looks super delicious Mo. I've heard great things about this coconut milk - I so badly want to try it.

Sal said...

you've just made me sooo hungry.

melissa bastian. said...

Wait. You're telling me that you made your own tortillas?!

Look woman, when are you coming to my house to cook?

p.s. - my word verification is "ingest". coincidence? i think not.

Kuntrageous said...

whole soy has a chocolate almond version of that frozen yogurt you mentioned and on my god is it ever delicious. it was the first vegan ice cream i loved-i didn't realize it was yogurt for a long time!
i agree on the So Delicious coconut milk; it's really thick and like whole milk. i love fooling non-vegans with it. i would also suggest trying it in smoothies and in baking sweets; that's how i ended up using most of mine. if you have the unsweetened variety it's good in mashed potatoes. it's good in curries too and lighter than traditional coconut milk ;)

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Melissa-That's hilarious! The tortillas are ridiculously easy to make. And this is coming from a woman who doesn't make bread because she can't stand the feeling of dough between her fingers.

Lacey-Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I would totally use this in things that needed a creamy base. But I really hated whole milk. I grew up on skim and 1% and even that was hard to choke down! Ha ha. Mmm. I like this curry idea.

mollyjade said...

I used to eat migas every Sunday at family brunch. Best food ever. I never thought about it before, but it's sort of odd to be eating corn tortillas inside wheat tortillas.

Monica said...

Tofu migas RULE! God I miss Texas.

pixiepine said...

That looks so dang good!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds all so exotic to me. Tofu migas! Great name. Does it means something? I guess I should try it.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Mollyjade-That is hilarious because I was thinking the same thing yesterday. Actually, I was thinking that my flour tortilla was a cannibal and loving every minute of it.

Tofuparty-I think migas means "crumbs" or "leftovers." The only thing you should know is that they are delicious! :)

Angel said...

Can't wait to try that frozen yogurt. And I love that So Delicious coconut milk with my morning cereal. It makes me feel like a kid again.

T said...

Oh man, all of that looks amazing!

jessy said...

that's one plate of awesome, Monique! i love the idea of tofu migas - totally gonna have to try that out, fo 'sho! that's the one thing i miss be'n gluten-free now - those white flour tortillas. sure, they've got some pretty tasty gluten-free ones, but they're not the same. :) i still need to get my hands on some of that coconut milk because i want to make ice cream with it. also - refried beans are some of my absolute favorite. so easy to make and oh-so damn delicious! mmmmmmm!

melissa bastian. said...

Look little miss I'm-from-Texas. My family is from New Orleans. Tortillas is not one of the things we make, kay? But I knew how not to burn a roux by the time I was like seven, so :P.


p.s. - Now my word verification says "hectic". I'm starting to get suspicious. Is this the beginnings of a secret message?!

Cooking Vegan With Soul said...

Re: "Tofu migas RULE! God I miss Texas."

Heck, I'm starting to miss Texas, and I've never even been there!!! I don't even know why I made the mistake of reading this so early in the morning, because I want these migas so bad....and I committed to doing raw for breakfast and lunch, sigh.

Oh well. Maybe later in the day!