Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vegan MoFo VII: Thankful for Buffy Wednesdays

Yo.  So this isn't an official official Buffy post, but I felt the need to bring the pain because I was too much of a wimp to "Make It Work" with red cabbage yesterday.  Brr.

Check it: my absolute best nerd friend, Michele, and I loooove Whedon.  Like, for realsies.  Last semester, we were doing this thing where we'd meet once a week and watch Buffy or Angel or whatever and just nerd out all night.  My sister, Ebony, was the first person I ever shared my Buffy love with.  We would be glued to the TV every single week.  Today, I am thankful for a back log of photos..and Buffy...and Whedon...and Ebony...and Michele...and nerdery.

I usually pick a few episodes and plan food around that.  We watched "Ted" and "Bad Eggs" while noshing on mini pizzas.
Bobby Flay's buffalo crunch burger
We also watched "Doublemeat Palace" and "Beer Bad" one time, so we had burgers and beer...naturally.  And I always like going with anything ice cream related...because of that one time Xander was an ice cream man.  Mr. ice cream maaaan.

this never actually made it to a Buffy night, but BANANA SPLIT CAKE!
Of course, sometimes I go really deep with it.  We ended up watching "Go Fish" and "Superstar" one day so I went with vegan surf and turf.  Tofu "stakes" and a world without grilled shrimp.  This is funny if you are a Whedonite.  Haha.

tofu stakes, grilled shrimp, garlicky couscous
So many delicious shout outs to the one show that has completely transformed me into who I am today.  This was the first show I witnessed in real time, and I cried like a damn baby at the end.  Buffy por vida!  In fact, I am coincidentally wearing my Sunnydale shirt as I type this.  Haha.

So, here's to Tuesday nights with my sister back in the day and Wednesdays with Michele!


Susan said...

Buffy is my favourite show of all time. I also watched it in real time (though a bit delayed in the time it took to air in Australia), and I was about the same age as Buffy.
I love Whedon and all his things (seriously, if it wasn't for the communities that sprung up around his work I wouldn't know some of the people I know today), but Buffy will always be my very most special show.

Paula said...

Yay Buffy post! I've always wanted to make a double meat burger!

I love everyone who loves Buffy!

Emily said...

That banana split cake looks amazing. And the burger with crisps in. Suddenly I am very hungry.

Sal - AlienOnToast said...

Buffy was one of the few shows (back then) that I watched all the way through too. I haven't actually sat and watched it again though, even though I loved it. Keep meaning to buy the boxsets.

Your tofu stakes look amazing!

dreaminitvegan said...

Buffy! My sister used to watch that all of the time. Food is looking good!

GiGi said...

Sadly I have never watched Buffy. When I was very little I watched a show and there was a girl Buffy in it.. Buffy was f**cked up in real life and killed herself. Probably cause she didn't get any of your banana split cake or vegan surf and turf.