Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vegan MoFo VII: It's a Me!

I'm ending nerd week with the first thing I ever really nerded out about: Super Mario Bros.  I remember the day my dad took us out to get an NES.  It was all Duck Hunt for days, son!  I seriously loved video games back then.  To this day, Super Mario Bros 2 is my most played video game.  I love it!

So, I got really inspired to make some food for when I finally have a Mario Party.  Check it...if you're gonna do Mario right, you need to up your Italian game, fool.

Salad w/ Super "Mushrooms"
The Most Bob-omb Mario Menu
Salad with Super Mushrooms
Cloud Jello Parfait

Start the night off right with some salad and play with your food a little.  The radish mushrooms are super easy to make and the salad looks pretty cool.

Stromboli: Daiya mozzarella, Tofurky pepperoni, Caribbean spinach, peppers, onions, garlic
For the main, I decided to go with something handheld.  The better to play video games with!  This stromboli was stupid easy.  I didn't use a recipe.  I had leftover pizza dough already.  I layered it like this: cheese, pepperoni, sauteed spinach/peppers/onions/garlic, more cheese.  Then I rolled that bad boy up and popped it in a 500 degree oven for like 12 minutes or until golden.

For dessert, I would suggest that the adventurous attempt to veganize this cloud jello parfait.  So. Cute.

Better yet, I think the truly ambitious should just recreate this fantabulous Mario party.  Because...YES!


Amey said...

So fun! I love your little radish mushrooms!! I want to do that for no good reason! :)

Kelly said...

It's now my official mission to convince Silas he wants a Mario party! In a few years, because whoa, does that look like a lot of work. I think I would want to leave the decorations up forever and just live in Mario Land afterwards. Why not?

Anonymous said...

Haha, those raddish mushrooms are too funny!
And I just want to dive into that stromboli.

Sarah said...

Oooh I want to come eat food and play! I used to be all about Dr. Mario, myself.

Sal - AlienOnToast said...

yum! I could totally go for some Stromboli right now. I'm starving!

melissa bastian breedlove said...

Mo this whole week has been BRILLIANT. The mushrooms?!?! Cannot get enough. <3

Erika said...

I'm dyyying! This is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Those mushrooms are so adorable! I am going to have to make some. And the stromboli looks delicious. I had no idea it could be so simple to make.

Rachel said...

Thanks for mentioning our Mario party! I love the salad idea - I was trying to convince my husband at the time that we needed to have something similar to this, but (as you can tell) we already had a ton going on.

Everything looks delicious!