Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simple Kinda Life

I really love being raw, but I don't love having to prep a bunch of things. I'm in no way a lazy person, but I definitely don't like to do more work than I have to. Lately, I've been craving a simplistic raw existence. I've been eating a lot of salads and downing smoothies. My favorite salad combo is tomato, avocado, a little bit of onion, nooch, salt and pepper. It sounds kinda gross but my body has been craving some nutritional yeast lately. Weird.

It's also really convenient to make a few nut cheeses and stash them away. I enjoy them with fruit for breakfast, on raw crackers, or just straight up. I cannot stress enough how much I love the Raw Freedom Community cheeses. That herb one and the peppercorn crusted one are AMAZING!

The other day I was craving sweets (as per usual) and I needed to use some bananas so I made some raw banana splits. The splits included: raw brownie bites, strawberry sauce (dehydrated strawberries blended in water), pineapple sauce (dehydrated pineapple blended in water), pecans, and vanilla ice cream adapted from this recipe.
Raw Brownie Bites
1 cup walnuts
1 cup dates
1/3 cup cocoa powder (cacao and carob would also work)

Place walnuts in food processor and pulverize until you've got crumbs. Add dates and cocoa powder. Process until smooth. Mold into brownie bites (I used an 1/8 cup) and place in fridge to set.

Also, did I mention that it was a mini banana split? That just makes it so much better! I put the split in one of those sushi soy sauce dishes.
My Adaptation of Andy's Vanilla Ice Cream Base
1 cup cashews
1 1/2 cups + 2 Tbsp almond milk*
1/3 cup medjool dates
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 cup golden raisins
1 Tbsp vanilla
1 1/2 Tbsp coconut oil

Blend all ingredients until smooth. You can then strain through a nut milk bag, but I didn't and it turned out fine. Process based on your ice cream maker's instructions.

*To make raw almond milk, soak 1 cup of almonds overnight. Drain and rinse. Blend with 3 cups water. Strain and save the pulp for future raw creations. Or dehydrate and throw in the food processor for almond flour.

Well, I'm off to try my hand at some more zucchini pasta, yo. I tried to tell my friend that raw life > thug life, but she didn't believe me. Crazy...I know.


Mihl said...

You are a genius! That raw banana split sounds terrific.

aTxVegn said...

That banana split looks so good and so creative!

Any salad with avocado sounds great to me.

Chelsea said...

A raw banana split? You are super amazing!!! That made me drool big time!

Mandee said...

Ooh, that raw narna split looks like my kinda dessert! I'm so going to try it :)

dreaminitvegan said...

Raw banana split, so cool!