Friday, November 25, 2011

Why I Hate Apple Pie

My disdain for apple pie knows no bounds.  I hate it on a few levels.  First of all, the kinda pies I like are the stir and dump kind.  Just mixing all ingredients and pouring them in a crust is as invested as I like to get with pie.  So, I absolutely loathe peeling, chopping, and coring a bunch of apples for pie.  This year, I figured I'd throw the boy a friggin bone to see what dessert he wanted because he hates lemon and I was for realsies making lemon mousse pie.  Naturally, he said "apple," the most boring of all the pies.  My hatred is irrational, but what can I say. was good pie (cosmos apple).

full spread, but the potatoes aren't pictured
This year went by in a freaking blur.  I didn't prep as much as last year, but we were eating pretty much on schedule.  Onto the menu...

Thanksgiving 2011
Bryanna's Soy and Seitan Turkey
Cornbread stuffing
Cosmos Apple and Lemon Mousse Pies
Rad Whip
2 Buck Chuck all day, son!

mashed potatoes
there's some mac in that sea of cheese
As you can see, I love me some Tyler Florence.  My favorites this year: soy and seitan turkey, pies, rolls, and Alton Brown's mac and cheese.  Seriously.  I will never ever make another mac and cheese for Thanksgiving.  Easily subbed (I used blended silken tofu for the egg), and absolutely wonderful.  More expensive than I generally like, but definitely worth it.

green bean casserole w/ croutons instead of nasty onions
candied yams
Things I'd improve on: green beans, yams, cranberry sauce, and gravy.  The green beans were most excellent (those croutons are legit!), but I wanted more of a creamy base to tie everything together.  Though, I will definitely make this again with that minor tweak.  The yams were too sweet for my liking.  The cranberries were not sweet enough.  And the gravy...blech.  I just didn't like it so I made a quick poultry gravy.  Overall, we had a fantastic day and got drunk off of $2 wine.  Awesome!

roast was marinated in sparkling cider and roasted with carrots and onions
Happy Leftovers Day!  I'm buying nothing, doing nothing, and don't plan to leave my pajamas.


Rachel Hallows said...

I love to eat apple pie, but I hate to make it. The recipes are deceptively simple, and then you start making it and it takes hours. Boo-urns.

Your spread looks amazing! That mac and cheeze looks killer. Looks like you had a great meal!

kmouse said...

Gorgeous spread! As always!

Sarah C said...

Woah! You left us all hanging on the pies - I want pics (and recipe, pleeeeeease) for the lemon mouse pie in particular! (My little Texas meyer lemon tree finally has ripe lemons!).

RunCrissieRun said...

Your mac and cheese looks so amazing, it's almost obscene. Mouth totally watering....

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Sarah C-They are from Vegan Pie in the Sky! Pics can be seen here:

Germaine Sibley Gordon said...

Your Thanksgiving spread looks great! Glad to see another meat free lady from the South on here. Check me out at


JohnP said...

You always have such good ideas -- and I'm glad to see the rolls made it again!

Sarah C said...

THANKS! Now I guess I'll have to break down and get the pie book!

Mihl said...

I can totally relate to your hate. I never had an apple pie, but I used to hate apple strudel, which is probably similar, when it comes to the huge amount of apples that go in.