Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nog Off: Earth Balance vs. So Delicious

EDIT: I just discovered the "chunks" were mold!  I'm dyiiing.  Omigod, I've never been so disgusted in my life.  Not sure why the other "chunks" didn't have mold in them.  Bah!  Gonna contact Earth Balance and the store I got it from.  Gross.

Awww yeah, boyee!  Early Christmas™ has crept its way into the calendar even earlier this year.  I swear, I saw Christmas lights before Halloween was even here.  About the only thing I love about Early Christmas™ is that I get to get drunk off nog for about 5 months straight.  Hallelujah, holla back!

2 will enter.  I will win!
The whole nog off idea kinda started as a joke when Jordan and Mike (of PPK fame) were talking about So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog.  While doing my Thanksvegan shopping, I also stumbled upon Earth Balance Soy Nog.  Now, you know it was on!

earth balance soy nog
First up was the Earth Balance nog.  What I basically did was taste it straight up...then drowned in alcohol.  The nog was creamy and on the medium side of thick.  The consistency was great for drinking straight up, but watered down easily when made alcoholic and served on the rocks.  There was a nice amount of spice, and I'm pretty sure I like this better than Silk Nog (or at least as much).  However, there was one large problem.  There were chunks in it, as in something went horribly wrong with the thickening.  I'm hoping it was just an anomaly because those chunks ruined an otherwise lovely drink.

so delicious coconut nog
The So Delicious nog was super creamy and ultra thick.  Not quite as thick as dairy nog, but the closest vegan version I've tasted.  I'm a fan of thinner nogs for drinking straight up, but this is perfect as a mixer.  Plus, the first thing I noticed were the huge flakes of nutmeg.  This does have a coconut essence, but it works super well with the overall nog.

Nog Off Results
Creaminess: So Delicious
Thickness: So Delicious
Spice: So Delicious
Price: So Delicious was $3.19, and Earth Balance was $3.89
Spiced Caucasian Pwnage: So Delicious
Overall Nog Factor: Tie

Clearly, So Delicious is the winner!  The Earth Balance nog is fantastic, but the chunks are worrisome and it just got slaughtered in a side-by-side tasting.  I'd still buy both, though, depending on my mood.

Now, I'll leave you with my favorite holiday dranky drank.  Enjoy, dudes!

Spiced Caucasian
lowball glass
1 oz coffee liqueur (Kahlua, etc.)
1 oz espresso vodka (Seagram's, Smirnoff, etc.)
vegan nog
nutmeg, optional

Fill the glass with ice. Top with liqueur and vodka. Fill will nog. Stir. Top with nutmeg, if so desired. For a truly caffeinated version, try Mocha Kahlua!


thejollyfox said...

Love your nog off! I just picked up some So Delicious Nog the other day. I haven't tried it yet, but I do enjoy the Silk brand nog. I saw the Earth Balance too, but I have a tendency to like coconut based stuff over soy based stuff, just based on actual taste. I don't dislike soy, but coconut tastes better to me. I think it's wonderful we have so many choices for non-dairy nog :)

Spooky Vegan said...

Mmmmm yum!

I just picked up some Silk Pumpkin Spice Flavored Nog, but it definitely is on the weak side.

I'll definitely have to pick up the So Delicious nog...sounds delicious!

Cheers to your nog off! :)

dreaminitvegan said...

It seems like everyone has their favorites. I haven't tried the EB one yet but others have said they still prefer the Silk one. I guess I'll have to do my own testing. Thanks for the review and Happy Thanksgiving.

GiGi said...

I'm getting my noggin around this post! Chunks? Chunks? Yikes. Hey that drink was named after me (spicy caucasian)Yuk yuk. Love me some nog, sans alcohol. Too many days of ripple from a paper bag. Great post, Mo!

GiGi said...

Oh no. I just saw your update discovered it was mold. Ugh, double gross, yuk! you okay?

Andrea said...

I don't think I'll be able to try the EB nog after your "mold incident." Eeewww. Nothing like a few chunks of mold to undo a festive moment. Sheesh. Maybe they'll give you a year's supply free if you promise to remove this post. :D

Green Smoothie JourneyGurl said...

Just had a glass of this stuff and I'm already contemplating another one! I recently purchased this and thought to myself, i'd never like this. I was so wrong! It is so similar to traditional egg nog, that I am not missing anything!

Amanda said...

Am currently addicted to the So Delicious coconut nog. I wish it wasn't a seasonal item!

That moldy nog problem is unsettling. Ugh. I tried Earth Balance's nog and enjoyed it but the coconut nog still has my heart.