Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Attack of the Killer Summer

Well, it's official.  Monday marks the end of summer for me, as I am going back to school for the first time in several years.  No worries, though.  This summer is ending with a bang.  Starting tomorrow, I will spend 4 food-fueled days in Portland getting my Vida Vegan Con on!  Expect a ridiculous amount of blogs and hopefully some funny stories.

I'm doing two classes this year.  First up is Vegan Battle Royale with Kittee and Amey.  I cannot even begin to tell you how stoked I am to do something like this with these two ladies!  It has been such a blast coming up with the many intricate aspects of this game.  Seriously...get your booty to our classroom on August 27th at 12:20PM in Coos Bay.

We will have two teams battle it out for the ultimate in vegan PWNAGE!  Plus, there are prizes for every member of the audience.  They range from homemade gluten free goodies to super phat gift certificates.  And check out how adorable our logo is (drawn by Amey!!!):

Does it get any more awesome?!
If you still aren't convinced, just go ahead and check out the blog post on the VVC website.  Peep game.

My second class will be with the wonderful Lidiana from The Spicy Vegan.  We are putting together a wonderful talk on Budgeting and Meal Planning.  The class will touch on grocery budgeting, entertaining on a budget, and learning how to meal plan like a pro!

So, if your hero is George Costanza you might just want to check us out.  We promise to give you tips you've probably never heard of before.  Come see us on Sunday, August 28th at 9:40AM in Coos Bay.  And I'll leave you with a budget-friendly top 5 list...

Top 5 Favorite Broke Ass Meals

  1. Pancakes-If you keep a pantry stocked with flour, pancakes are incredibly cheap to make at home.  Should you run out of non dairy milk, try using water thickened with a bit of applesauce.  It gives a nice fruity flavor.
  2. Beans and Rice-The most vegan meal on the planet.  There's a reason why so many cultures have these as staples.  It's cheap.  Buy dried beans and rice in bulk to save even more money!
  3. Soup-It can include practically anything.  Throw in some root vegetables and some're golden!
  4. Haluski-I only discovered this meal within the past year or so while watching Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.  It's super simple.  Cabbage and onions sauteed in oil.  Add pasta and the optional fake bacon.  Salt and pepper to taste.  It will change your life, yo.
  5. Potatoes-Hopefully, you're eating more than just taters.  However, they are super cheap and really filling.  Plus, they can be transformed into pretty much anything.  Baked potatoes, fries, salad, mashed, etc.