Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Ultimate Hummus Application: Pizza!

Happy 4th of July, y'all!  I remember growing up on air force bases and heading to the flight line as a kid to see the fireworks every year.  Those were some great memories.  Now, I just think of the fireworks scene in The Sandlot and giggle.  Love that movie.  Today, we ate glorious foodstuffs and watched the Criminal Minds marathon on A&E.  Oh, and there were beer margaritas (made with vodka because tequila makes me sad).

Today's Menu:
grilled pizza (margherita and a modified version of this Bobby Flay recipe)
Isa salad nicoise tester
mocha cupcakes
beer margaritas
So much yumminess!
Hummus on pizza is the best thing of all time.  Forget everything else.  Put hummus on your pizza and know what euphoria feels like.  So, I used Bobby's recipe but used Sabra's roasted garlic hummus instead of a spicy one.  I also added a portobello to the mix.  I made my own cashew goat cheese, which was a variation of this recipe (used 3/4 cups soaked cashews and umeboshi paste instead of preserved tofu).  It really was one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten.  Creamy, smoky, crunchy, salty, and herb-a-licious.  Mmm!

Check out this bangin' salad!  I can't wait for Isa's weight loss book to come out.  There are so many good recipes.
So, a friend of a friend is known for her margaritas.  Her secret is beer.  I couldn't remember her recipe so I used this one.  They were a little sweet for me and I had to add more water, but they really hit the spot.  Beer adds a bit of salty and carbonation to it.  Soooo good.  And ridiculously strong.
Mocha cupcakes with light and fluffy vanilla frosting.  They really hit the spot.  I was fiending for a cupcake yesterday.

I know my blog entries and blog reading have been lacking lately.  We've been enjoying summer, had some family down, and we're getting ready to move.  So I probably won't be around until late July at the earliest.  However, I really stoked because the new house has a bigger kitchen, better lighting, and a glorious backyard fit for patio dining.  Hope everybody is enjoying the summer!