Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanks4Giving Me Dandies!

I love this time of year.  Some people hate it, but the only thing I really hate are those cinnamon scented brooms that stink up every grocery store.  I love fall/winter/holiday season.  There is nothing cozier than curling up on the couch, downing Spiced Caucasians*, whilst watching Bill Murray's brilliant performance in Scrooged.  I like all the shiny lights and pumpkin love and cornbread dressing with the cranburrrry**.  Oh, I completely forgot to mention that I avoid every store and holiday sale like the plague.  I think this keeps me hella sane.

Today was awesome.  Era and I went shopping for our Thanksgiving menu.  First, we went to Target to replace the food processor that he broke.  Take all my appliances away and I could get by with the food processor.  I felt so lonely without one!

Next, we went to Winco because I love their bulk section and the prices are okay.  Today's discovery: bulk corn chips with flax seed in them.  REPEAT: they frickin have Fritos with flax seed in them!  So good.  I was dreaming of making frito pie with them.  Maybe next time.

Next was Fresh and Easy where they have the inexpensive olive oil.  They also had boxes of cereal on sell for 15 cents!  Era only wanted two.  I would've gotten at least twice that much.  Oh well.

We ended the trip by driving up to Clark's Nutrition, where I bought 2 containers of silk nog, 1 container of rice nog, and West Soy's chocolate peppermint stick (never tried it before).  The holidays are lonely without Holly Nog because that stuff tasted insanely good with some booze.  I also discovered that the place now sells Dandies!  YES!  Now, I just have to figure what to do with them because last time I just ended up eating them out the bag.

This store is getting to be seriously awesome.  They got Teese recently, now Dandies, and looky what I found today:

Yeah, it's a crappy cell phone pic, but that is 1 gallon's worth of Vegenaise!  Seriously.  I contemplated getting it, then realized I don't have an army living with me.  But it's awesome to know I could purchase the stuff if I ever had to make a lot of pea salad!

So, I've finalized the Thanksgiving menu.  It's not mini because I have a lot of stuff to make and it would take way long.  Plus, we're entertaining, yo!

Thanksgiving '09
Mixed Greens w/ Vcon Mediterranean Vinaigrette
Everday Dish TV's Turkey Roast (half recipe filled with cornbread stuffing)
Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Onions, and Sweet Potatoes (w/ the roast)
Bryanna Clark Grogan's Seitan Wellington (half recipe)
Cornbread Stuffing
Macaroni (sans bread crumbs and veggies)
Irish Champ (doubled recipe)
Cajun Corn Maque Choux (made with Vegan Dad's andouille)
Vcon's Mushroom Gravy
Bryanna Clark Grogan's Pecan Pie
Cheesecake topped Lemon Pie w/ Shortbread Streusel

*tentative title, loosely based on the Dude's love of white russians :)
**misspelled on purpose because you must pronounce it kran-burr-reh


Stacy said...

WHOA gallon of vegenaise, that is a little scary. What a cool place, though.

You're getting me in the mood for the holidays! I even love the cinnamon scented pinecones and everything.

How is the chocolate peppermint WestSoy? I've been wanting to try it, but not if it's terrible.

Anonymous said...

#1: I hate those cinnamon scented brooms something fierce, too! Especially at craft/fabric stores. It makes me want to puke.

#2: Your TG menu is epic! If I didn't have to work, and there were going to be more than 4 of us, I'd probably do more, but a lesbian friendsgiving potluck will have to do.

#3: That gallon-sized vegenaise is out of control!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Stacy-I haven't tried the West Soy milk yet, but I will soon. If I like it enough, I plan to stock up. :)

Swellvegan-Yeah. The brooms give me the hugest headache. Ha! Thanksgiving isn't too epic. I'm making smaller amounts of a lot of things. Ha ha. Yeah, I did a double take when I saw that Vegenaise!

kmouse said...

Wow that gallon of Vegenaise just makes Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds wonderful!!!

jessy said...

if i had a store that not only carried a gallon of vegenaise, but dandies & teese, too - i'd be the happiest girl in the world! :) also - i think i've seen those corn sticks with flax seeds. i want to say my local natural food store offers them in bulk. if you're saying fritos with flax seeds, i'm saying, "i'm THERE!" totally putting them on my list for the next trip. mmmmmm!

i think i could get by without most of my kitchen gadgets except for my food processor, too. i just love that thing too much! ah ha ha!

your thanksgiving day menu is going to be most glorious! i haven't tried the peppermint stick soy milk either, but i did pick up some silk "egg" nog. whooooohooooo!

glad i'm not the only one who isn't the biggest fan of those cinnamon stinking things. ick!

Andrea said...

That Thanksgiving menu is HUGE — I envy your guests! When I read stuff like that it makes me want to add more things to mine... but then I'd need more guests.

A whole gallon of veganaise is alarming - I can't even think where it would fit in the fridge, let alone what I'd do with so much. :) It's cool that you COULD buy it if you wanted.

I found chips with flax seeds at Trader Joe's. They're made with vegetables added so they're different colors.

Lady Noocherly said...

I don't think I have stopped to read any of your posts (just to ogle and drool over your foodz), but this post totally has me hooked. What an adventure! Any trek that includes a gallon of Veganaise is a fantastical one, fo sho!

ps level up, 10 extra lives and 100 gold coins for your use of "cranburrrry". Truly poetic. :D

Anonymous said...

Spiced Caucasians!!!!!!!!!! That is funny, I think I prefer spicy whitey though

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Debra said...

I buy veganaise by the gallon almost monthly. but I have 9 people in my family. Pasta salads, sandwiches, dips.. they love it.
Debra @ Vegan Family Style
ps- check out the cookbook giveaway on my blog!