Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Get Ya Nog On

Holiday time in the Martin household went like this: deliver Christmas lists to the parents, watch as my sister and mom baked ridiculous amounts of cookies, Christmas light viewing...and the search for the ultimate eggnog ice cream. Seeing as how I am moving to California in about three weeks and I still don't have a working standard fridge (rockin a mini right now)...I'll settle for the ultimate vegan nog.

The debate to end all debates: Silk Nog vs. Vitasoy's Holly Nog. I really wanted to do a side by side comparison because I felt I didn't give the Holly Nog a fair chance to begin with. I judged each nog in five categories: egg nog flavor, creaminess, thickness, spices, and overall flavor. I scored them on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being awesome. And because I wanted to be all professional, I made sure to cleanse my palate. By "cleanse my palate" I mean "I ate cinnamon rolls and white cheddar Cheezly standing up in my kitchen between each taste." It was very Carrie Bradshawesque.

Vitasoy Holly Nog
Egg Nog Flavor: 3
Creaminess: 3
Thickness: 3.5
Spices: 4
Overall Flavor: 3

Silk Nog
Egg Nog Flavor: 3.5
Creaminess: 3
Thickness: 4
Spices: 3
Overall Flavor: 3.5

And the numbers are: Holly Nog-16.5 and Silk Nog-17 with Silk Nog as the winner. Vitasoy's version had a great creaminess and thickness to it, but the spices I found to be a tad overwhelming. With Silk Nog, there was still a creamy thickness AND a better balance of flavor.

I will admit, however, that Holly Nog tastes better in a white Russian. Especially if you use the espresso vodka I mentioned in my last post. I think the extra spices work well when it's added to something because it doesn't disappear in the background.


Jen said...

i like silk nog myself. i was a bit disappointed to read the ingredients were just soy milk, turmeric, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

River said...

How very official! I particularly liked your palate cleansing technique! :D

Sarah said...

i don't even buy holly nog. go silk nog! i don't like the pumpkin spice silk though.

Chelsea said...

The pumpkin spice silk is crap! It doesn't taste like anything to me.

At the moment I'm drinking Rice Dream Rice Nog with some whiskey in it, but I like the idea of doing it white Russian style! Have you tried the Rice kind? It's actually not bad, but not very thick and creamy (it is made out of rice!).

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I'm with ya! I am not a fan of pumpkin spice silk. I drank it thinking it would taste like pumpkin. They should rename it pumpkin pie spice...because it's effing misleading right now.

Chelsea-I have not tried rice nog, but now I really want to.

Susan G said...

I have not tried the others, but I love Silk nog!

Felicity said...

Damn, I miss vegan eggnog. No one sells it over here! Maybe I should try making my own. BTW, I've sent some vegan love your way :)

Bex said...

I like them both but I buy Holly Nog. I like that I can stock pile it, it doesn't require refrigeration. Did I say stock pile? I meant I can have a couple extra boxes that's all.

erica said...

HO-ly moly. Nog with espresso vodka sounds INTENSE and so good! Talk about the best white Russian out there.

Also, if that's palette cleansing, then I cleanse my palette all too frequently (sub leftovers or a handful of trail mix for the cinnamon rolls and cheezley) - it's the standing at the counter part that makes it cleansing, right? Right.