Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vegan Mofo, mothatruckas!

Vegan Mofo is on my brain. I'm a listy kind of person. Seriously obsessed and derive much joy from making lists. I once had an Angel marathon so I could make a list of my favorite episodes and lines. I'm sure this means something. OCD much?

I've been thinking hard about Vegan Mofo. It's the week after next and my first time participating. I've decided to divide my time by calendar weeks. There are five in October. Each week will have a theme. This makes it much easier for me and very organized. Because it's Vegan Mofo, I will be stepping down from about 99% raw to 70-75%.

Here's what I have. I'm pretty sure this is my final list of weekly themes:
1. PUMPKIN: I'm going to do this during the first calendar week. Four days of sweet and savory pumpkin filled recipes.

2. FOOD MEMORIES: Stories and recipes that remind me of my youth. It will involve a lot of veganizing. This will definitely be the last week because I have to end food memories with a tribute to Halloween.

3. VEGANIZING THE WORLD: This was one of my favorite ideas from the PPK thread. I'm going to take dishes that are never thought of as vegan and make them. I have my eye set on finally making vegan haggis (which I never in my life thought I would type, let alone eat) and the jackfruit carnitas. I have a few more regional ideas and a desire to take on Food Network because they're herbivorists!

4. FORGOTTEN COOKBOOKS: I haven't been able to do this at the PPK because of the raw journey. I always buy cookbooks and only use the same recipes.

5. MISC: I couldn't decide what else to do and there were several ideas floating around that I liked. So I'll dedicate one week to spontaneity. I know for sure I want to do the dinner and a movie theme.

So I'm completely stoked about this. October can't get here soon enough.

I have a handful of pics to post later today.



Anonymous said...

Can you come organize me for veganmofo LOL! To quote my one of my daughter's favorite movies "you so totally rock!". Yeah, I'm a nooch ball. I love your blog and hope you don't mind me peeking in on you through out veganmofo.

Sarah said...

can't wait for your pics!! :)