Friday, September 12, 2008


I've been making a lot of recipes from Ani Phyo's Ani's Raw Food Kitchen lately. However, I'm backing off of nut based dishes and going for stuff centered on fruits and veggies. I just made the Red Pepper Corn Salsa. It is, in a word, refreshing.

I’m pretty much anti salad. I spent a good part of my early vegetarianism eating salads…everyday. Recently, I’ve come to appreciate them again. I often like to make salsas and dips to go atop my greens instead of dressing. Case in point…this salsa. Lots of flavors going on. Sweet from the corn, a little kick from the jalapenos and garlic, green onions add another depth and cilantro packs in the freshness. Seriously love cilantro. Red bell peppers, tomatoes, and salt bring it home.

Simple and fantastic, yet it’s visually and orally stimulating. I did cut down on the salt, as I’ve found that some of her recipes are a tad too salty for me. But I’ve always felt that salt and pepper are very personal things. All in all this salsa is pretty great and versatile.

It would taste great on greens, in a wrap, or on some tortilla chips. And it could very well add a different dimension to nachos. Oh, how I miss nachos. Word.


Sarah said...

looks great! reminds me i saw overpriced, fresh made salsas at the health food store today, and i didn't buy them. but i wanted so badly! yums.

i love reading ani's book, even if i hate all the soups i've tried so far.

the coconut bars in the back are way too salty as is too, fyi.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Sarah, I know exactly what you mean. I just can't bring myself to buy salsas anymore. Plus I just really like the freshness of homemade salsa.

And as for the saltiness of Ani's recipes, I wonder if she is using course salt or something?

pixiepine said...

Hi- I'm glad to have found your blog. I'm gonna read up more on raw.
See ya'round the PPK!
:) Leslie/pixiepine