Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vida Vegan Con Excitement and Palm Greens Cafe

I don't know about y'all, but I am getting so freakin' excited about Vida Vegan Con.  Almost two weeks ago, speakers got some more information about our designated topics.  So, I'm going to be doing a budgeting/meal planning class with the loverly Melody and Lidiana.  I also get to do a writer's block workshop with Kittee, Amey, and somebody named Isa.  Awesome sauce!  You can read all about the classes, panels, and workshops  here.  I can't wait!

Anyway, this spring has been really beautiful so far.  I think we have a few more weeks of gorgeous weather before it just becomes miserable.  The weekend before last, we were feeling lazy and adventurous so we decided to go to a local place called the Palm Greens Cafe.  I was really excited to try something outside of Native Foods.

When we walked in, I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere.  Big booths, colorful art, and dim lighting.  I like to feel like I'm eating in my own little zone and so many restaurants out here just don't feel like that to me.  I ended up getting the Salad Sampler and Era got the Falafel Wrap.  It's weird that I ordered a salad at a restaurant because I don't like to order stuff I can make myself.  But this salad is the most genius idea ever: take a bed of greens and cover them with every salad you make!  AWESOME!

salad sampler
The salad had cucumber, carrots, shredded beets, tomato, cous cous salad, seaweed salad, sweet potato salad, regular potato salad, tahini noodle salad, sunflower tuna salad, hummus, tofu egg salad, and tofu curry chikn salad.  I had mine with ranch, and it was good.  Best: hummus, tofu egg salad, and tofu curry chikn salad.  Worst: cous cous salad and seaweed salad were incredibly bland.  Overall, I loved it!  My only regret is being so involved with my salad that I forgot to try a bite and take a pic of Era's wrap.

Oh, and I also ordered a gluten free brownie.  I really wish I would have tried one that was freshly made (we got there right before closing) because the brownie was good, but I bet it would've been great!  It was this perfect combo between cakey and fudgy.  I can't even really explain it.  So super good!

gf brownie with choc chips and walnuts
I think I'd definitely go to Palm Greens Cafe again.  I'm trying to go to more places around the desert.  I feel like we stay way too much in our comfort zone.  We even found a really cool thrift store next door to the cafe!

Well, that's all for now.  Next entry I'll finally upload pics for the final week of the cookbook challenge and show some tester photos for the books I'm testing for right now.


jessy said...

awesomesauce - fo 'sho, Mo! that rocks so hard. you are the queen of finding glorious steals 'n deals on foods 'n such - i know your gonna be the best! i can't believe you get to work with kittee, Amey, 'n Isa, too! wahoooooooooooo! man, i am so jealousfaced. :)

kick ass on the glorious plate of salads from Palm Greens Cafe. it does look nomtastical. sadface on the couscous 'n seaweed salad being bland, but happyfaced on the other yummies being deeelicious. ya win some ya lose some, right? it's all good!

the texture of that xgfx brownie sounds really rad, i like that it was still tasty even though it wasn't terribly fresh.

enjoy your weekend and i'm looking forward to your tester & cookbook challenge pics!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to meet you irl at Vida Vegan! Even though I already feel like I know you!

There is a place here that does a salad sampler but they are all in little bowls, the one you had makes a lot more sense!

GiGi said...

That sampler plate looks just like a diner salad plate only vegan. Right on. Great pics.Best of luck with the conference. Super exciting.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Vida Vegan sounds amazing - awesome sauce YES!
That plate of salad looks delicious!

Mandee said...

I really, really wish I was going to the conference!

And that gf brownie looks awesome!