Friday, January 28, 2011

Cookbook Challenge 2: Weeks 1-2 Appetite for Reduction and Vcon

I've been trying to utilize my cookbooks more, so I decided to join the Cookbook Challenge over at the PPK.  Week one was Appetite for Reduction, a book I got semi recently but I love it so damn much that I'd like to cook from it all the time.

Below are two things I cooked over the holidays before the challenge.  Sorry for the photo quality.  Sometimes a girl needs to get her eat on:

chickpea piccata & caulipots
hottie black eyed peas and greens & ginger mashed sweet potatoes and apples for New Year's Day
Now for everything I made during the first week of the challenge followed by my thoughts on the things I hadn't made before.  There is so much greatness in this book that I can't wait to get back to it.

 baked falafel, eggplant kibbeh, shabby sheik hummus
Brussels sprout-potato hash
mushroom and cannellini paprikas w/ scarlet barley
THOUGHTS (newly tried recipes)
1. Chickpea Piccata: The piccata in Vcon is my favorite meal of all time.  This is a great alternative to having it with seitan.  I honestly could not tell that this was low fat.
2. Caulipots: These are another thing that blow my mind!  They taste so damn good that I might even like them better than regular mashed potatoes.
3. Eggplant Kibbeh: This made me realize that I hate fresh mint in every form.  I liked the kibbeh though!  Very delicious.
4. Shabby Sheik Hummus: Smoky.  Awesome.  Deliciousness.
5. Brussels Sprout-Potato Hash: This was far more amazing than I thought it would be.  Super filling and the lemon really makes everything pop!
6. Mushroom & Cannellini Paprikas: This was good, filling, and earthy.
7. Scarlet Barley: This stole the show and a bit of my heart!  By far, my favorite dish from the book so far.  And it's visually stunning.

The second week was all about Veganomicon.  I have cooked more recipes out of this book than any other.  I decided to randomly choose what I was eating so I could branch out of my comfort zone.

saffron garlic rice

chickpeas romesco
chile cornmeal crusted tofu, southwestern corn pudding, and green pumpkin seed mole
THOUGHTS (newly tried recipes)
1. Saffron Garlic Rice: I've made this before but didn't remember it so I'll include my thoughts.  The best part about this rice is the almonds. Such crunchy goodness!
2. Chickpeas Romesco: I know.  I've had the book for 3.5 years and never made one of the most talked about recipes.  This was so delicious!  I loved how beautifully the ground almonds work in the sauce.
3. Southwestern Corn Pudding: Truthfully, I never tried this because I thought it would be like creamed corn (which I hate).  However, it was delightful!  I loved the flavors and colors in this thing.
4. Green Pumpkin Seed Mole:  This tasted fresh and nutty.  Great paired with the corn pudding, and super easy to make.
5. Rustic White Beans and Mushrooms (not pictured): Good, but I had a lot of trouble with my beans.  Instead of cooking them for 45 minutes like the recipe said, I cooked them for at least 3 hours.  This is entirely due to the quality of beans I used.
6. Tomato Couscous w/ Capers (not pictured): I love anything with capers, so this was really good!

Some time this weekend I'll post everything that I cooked from Urban Vegan this week.  Happy Friday all!


Tiffany said...

The Cookbook Challenge sounds fun! The food looks SO GOOD, too! I don't have a copy of Appetite for Reduction and haven't made any of these V'Con recipes yet, but I think I should look them up very, very soon. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Fanny said...

Everything from Appetite for Reduction looks so good! I wish I had a steady place to live so that I could buy it. I ate caulipots the other day though, and I also like them better than regular mashed potatoes! And hey, that corn pudding looks awesome.

dolmadez said...

Mmm... I can't wait to jump into Appetite for Reduction!

Vampire said...

Looks lovely =)

Jenn said...

Yum! Everything looks awesome! I meant to do the cookbook gets in the way...I need to cook more.

Beyond Willpower said...

I never tried those recipes from AfR, but will have to try the black eyed peas one. I'm not a fan of chickpeas whole. Isn't that ridiculous? If they are like, mashed, or in a gravy, I'm fine...ha.

Waxy texture.

You should definitely try the potato spinach curry though if you haven't. LOVE IT. I've made it a few times so of course it's no longer even close to the original recipe cuz I always do that. :P But it's great either way! :)

Gina Guillotine said...

PPK cookbook challenge? Sounds fun. Haven't visited there in ages.

Your food looks so tasty and lovely, but I'll admit when I first heard of caulipots, I was really super skeptical. Like, "DAYUM, that's just too weird to even try. Who would think to put those veggies together in the first place?" LOL Your post has made me quite curious, and I'm eager to try them now.

Both of those books are great, and it seems a person just can't go wrong with one of Isa and/or Terry's recipes.

The Blissful Chef said...

I can't believe I'm just finding your blog! You are adorb! I'd love for you to be a recipe tester for my upcoming Southeast Asian cookbook. Email me to discuss.

Anonymous said...

I just had the Mushroom & Cannellini Paprikas with caulipots for dinner last night. Fantastic! I love those caulipots so much.

Your falafel plate looks so nice! I wish I had it in front of me right now.

dreaminitvegan said...

Yum! I bought AFR for my girlfriend and was so tempted to keep it. I did try one recipe before I passed it along, you know just to make sure she'd like it. lol! It was the Not so Hamburger helper recipe or something like that. My family ate all up.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Good lordie lord! Awesome foodage! I want a copy of Appetite for Reduction pretty badly.

I'll take an order of the baked falafel with a side of brussels-potato hash and scarlet barley, please. Kthxbai.

Anonymous said...

Even if I'm too busy to commit to the cookbook challenge most of the time, I'm so happy people like you do it so I can quickly choose my next dinner out of all the fabtastic pictures! Everything look sooooooo good. Thanks. x

Andrea said...

Well, after seeing this post I have no choice but to go make something to eat!

Jen said...

lookatchoo miss thang! good use of cookbooks. i haven't joined the thread at the ppk or anything, but i have been making good use of the books i scored for the holidays. and those boozy cinnamon rolls--hoo ha! awesome. i just made cinnamon rolls myself not so long ago. great minds think alike.

hugs, jbacca

Anonymous said...

There are just too many awesome new cookbooks these days! I'm highly tempted to get AFR though... It's definitely near the top of the list. These delicious dishes confirm that position!

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

Did you try the hoisin-mustard tofu wraps? OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD so amazingly delcious, I couldn't believe it was low/no fat. The tofu was just amazing.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Lacey, nope. I keep telling myself over and over that I must make those. It's next on my list for sure!

erinwyso said...

Chile cornmeal crusted tofu -- holy cow, why I am looking at this now and dinner is 3 hours away! This looks seriously good!