Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vida Vegan Con and Mo' MoFo

If you haven't already heard about Vida Vegan Con, you must get in the know!  It's the first ever vegan blogger conference, and it's going to be held in Portland next August.  I've been super frickin stoked about this ever since I heard about it several weeks ago.  Not only am I excited that I'll get to meet some of my PPKrushes, the thought of a vegan blogging conference fills my nerdy heart with such joy.  On top of that, I received an invitation to be a speaker!  Seriously...I scared Era with all the SQUEEing.

Now, registration is supposed to start soon.  There will be a ton of stuff going on during the conference.  Speakers, demos, workshops, panels, food, and so much more.  I'm crossing my fingers that Portland throws one of their awesome vegan proms for this!  I've been saying I'd straight school some fools with my robot for years now.  Haha.  So if you are interested in going, check out the website.  Plus, there is also a scholarship opportunity.  Winning a scholarship would award you FREE registration!  Check out all the details here.  Also, be sure to add the banner to your blog because vegan word of mouth (or blog) is where it's at!

Now to switch gears a little bit, I have MoFo on the mind lately.  Throughout the year, if I thought of something that seemed interesting for a theme I wrote it down.  My list is becoming super huge, and I probably won't get to some of what's on it.  As per usual, I am not having a monthly theme.  I've broken it down into several themes and will probably not even know what I'm doing until the week before I do it.

So far these are my ideas:
Bowls-Never really encountered these before California.  It's a meal involving a starch, vegetables, protein, and a sauce or two.  Thinking about doing different ones because bowls are just freaking awesome.

Playing with Food-This involves weird, involved, often hysterical food related projects.  Examples include: haunted gingerbread houses, veganizing omni monstrosities, and baking weird things inside of a cake.  Oh, and Ladies Brunch Hot Dog Rollups:

the ghost of MoFo past

E.A.T. World-River's blog challenge that involves making cuisine from around the world.  I'm finding it hard to narrow down the countries.  This will be seriously fun!

Holidays-It's that time of year, and there are so many traditions I'd like to celebrate.  And nothing brings a celebration together like food!

Dinner and a Movie-I've only got one movie picked so far (Serenity), but I am really looking forward to doing this again.

Cooking the Books-Always taking my cookbook collection for granted, I figure this is a great way to make recipes I have never made before.

Those are the major ones.  Other ideas include: cocktails, raw food on a budget, fair food (deep fried beer anyone?), and a cheesecake party.  Okay, a cheesecake party isn't really a theme.  However, I have officially become obsessed with finding the best vegan pumpkin cheesecake and decided a tasting is absolutely essential!  Why isn't it November yet?

Tomorrow, I'm doing a second Thanksgiving trial.  Look for details on that later this week.  For now, I'm gonna sip some iced tea, listen to Amy Winehouse, and get a few more MoFo details worked out.  More to come soon...


dreaminitvegan said...

That is so cool about the vegan blogger conference!!! Congrats on being a guest speaker...I would be too nervous. I love Portland.

I'm thinking about the participating in the vegan MoFO next month. I guess I should start thinking about what to blog about as well.

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

um; this conference sounds AMAZING and I'm going to check it out right now to see if this is something I can do. I really, really would love for Vegan Prom to happen during the conference; and then Portland also has a Fak'n fest too that would be SO cool. This is awesome.
Congrats on being invited to speak :)

jessy said...

i saw last night that you're going to be a speaker, Monique! superexcitedface! i've gotta see if i can get to the conference - i think it would be soooo much fun!!!! yay! rock on with the Mofo ideas - yours always kick some serious booty, and i'm really loving the playing with food, bowls (we loooove bowls the mostest!), and dinner & a movie. superw00t!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Dreaminitvegan-Thanks! And you should totally participate in MoFo. It's super fun!

Lacey-Thank you! This seems like it is going to be super amazing.

Jessy-I'm excited too!

I also forgot to mention that the conference has a scholarship thing where it's possible to be awarded FREE registration!

Anonymous said...

I love your MoFo ideas! I like the cocktail possibility, too. Heh heh.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Awesome MoFo ideas! I hope you enjoy E.A.T World! It was fun *and* totally educational for me! :D

Playing with Food and Dinner and a Movie sound like they would be seriously fun too!

I wanted to do a theme, but Halloweegan is already kicking my butt, so I'm going to do a very simple MoFo this year :)

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Oh, and YAY for Vida Vegan Con!!

Anonymous said...

So excited about Vegan Vida Con... I'll be there! I just sent in my speaker application, so I'm all jazzed about it. Can't wait!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Ooh, I would love to meet you at Vida Vegan! I am hoping to go.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being a speaker at the first Vida Vegan Con! I actually hadn't heard of it until now.

As for your mini themes, I really like Playing with Food! That sounds like loads of fun.

BunzOfCinnamon said...

You had me at "Fair Food"!! I think that's a great idea!