Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunny Days and Pear-Parsley Green Smoothie

Today I woke up and it was all sunshiny, so I finally got to get out and walk again.  We have been pounded with rain all week.  I'm talking non-stop, all day the desert.  By midweek, we had as much rain in a few days as we had all last year!  Of course, there is no drainage system here so streets were getting flooded and there were a lot of road closures.  Anyway.  So glad the sun has returned.

This week was pretty good as it applies to food and exercise.  I managed to do more intense workouts since I couldn't get out and walk, and I incorporated more fresh food into my diet.  I also discovered the joys of the coconut, cardamom, and dried cherry combo.

Wed 1-20-10
Irish breakfast tea w/ sugar and vanilla hazelnut rice milk
tofu omelet w/ meximeat, gluten free queso, avocado, and tomato
red beans and rice
red beans and rice w/ gluten free queso
rice cereal w/ coconut, cinnamon, dried cherries, and almond milk
yumberry & black currant herbal tea w/ cinnamon and almond milk
36 oz water
EXERCISE: 20 min walk, 30+ min cardio kickboxing, pilates, and yoga

red beans and rice w/ gluten free queso and romaine & orange salad w/ poppy seeds

Thurs 1-21-10
rice cereal w/ dried cherries, cardamom, coconut and almond milk
cinnamon cardamom herbal tea
tofu omelet w/ meximeat and gluten free queso
1 orange
Irish breakfast tea w/ sugar and almond milk
red beans and rice w/ gluten free queso and romaine salad w/ blood orange and poppy seed
baked sweet potato w/ chili and gluten free queso and romaine salad w/ catalina drizzle
EXERCISE: 30 min cardio kickboxing

Yesterday was my completion of the medical front office program so my class celebrated.  I ate some coffeecake (Vegan Brunch).  I also went to a buffet with the women of my internship.  But it was a celebration!  I did really well I think...considering.

Fri 1-22-10
rice cereal, coconut, dried cherries, cardamom, and almond milk
serving of chili limon potato chips, 2 jam swirl east coast coffeecake squares
casino buffet: salad (romaine, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, black olives and Italian dressing), fruit salad, 2 mini veg spring rolls w/ sweet chili sauce, fresh strawberries, spanish rice, slice of blueberry pie
chili w/ avocado
52 oz water

Now for that smoothie.  Usually when I make green smoothies, I just throw stuff into the blender and hope for the best.  Sometimes I end up with some truly foul tasting things.  But this was AWESOME.  Uh, measurements are guesstimates.

pear-parsley green smoothie

Pear-Parsley Green Smoothie
2 cups filtered water
1 very ripe anjou pear, cored and roughly chopped
2 tbsp raw walnuts
2 tbsp raw cashews
2-3 tbsp ground flax seed
3 dates*
giant handful of flat leaf parsley

Combine everything in a blender and blend until smooth.  Enjoy!

*If it's not sweet enough for you, just add more dates.


Anonymous said...

That smoothie sounds delicious! I love pear and parsley together :)

Mihl said...

I never had parsley in a smoothie. Time to try!

jessy said...

hooray for sunshine! your queso looks awesome, Monique - i'm digging the red beans 'n rice too! the pear-parsley smoothie sounds like something i've gotta try! it's a combination i never would have ever thought of. mmmmmmm!