Thursday, September 3, 2009

LA Meetups and Procrastination

Why hello there!  I am such the slacker right now.  This is a quick-ish post to let you know that I realize I didn't live up to what I said in my other quick post.  Hee hee.

So.  Basically, I got sick.  It was really bad for a week.  I have great reason to believe that it had something to do with mass consumption of gluten, so I am trying to take that out of my diet slowly.  I've also set a year long plan to change my diet and exercise regimen.  I was doing well before I got sick and kinda just stopped.  So, now I'm starting up again.  I hope this will make my food porn so much more fresh and so clean, clean.

I promise some photos tomorrow of some stuff still lodged in my camera.  I've got ideas for six shows that we are hoping to shoot within the next month or so.  We'll see how that goes.  School just started and I'm taking a class so I may get busy.  I will try my hardest to blog more often.

Word to yo motha.

Other than that, I went to a lovely potluck in LA last weekend.  We were celebrating Fughawzi's (PPKer) 18th birthday.  I also met another PPKer, RageAndLove.  Everybody was awesome!  The food was great, though my tamales were so not bomb.  Two things I sometimes forget when I'm rushing: never serve untested things to others and always taste your food before serving.  I tasted a mini tamale that I made, but it tasted nothing like the bigger ones.  So next time I'll redeem myself.  And LA vegans are cool people.  They told me I had to get my hands on some Daiya and I am in love.  That stuff is greatness.  I was getting down on some quesadillas!

Okay.  More to come tomorrow.


Jen said...

i'm just happy you're feeling better, mo. blogging can wait when you're sick. we'll understand.

i'm excited about your cooking shows, and jealous you got out to LA. i bet LA vegans are awesome.

Sarah said...

I missed you Mo!!!

Celine said...

I am sad we didn't get to meet. and somewhat relating in the fact that you were disappointed in your tamales: I always fail at the food that will be served to people other than myself.

swellvegan said...

I'm sorry you were sick; I missed reading your blog. I really need to clean up my act and take better notice of what I'm feeding myself too, so I will look to you for more inspiration!

Mandee said...

Good to see you're back and hopefully feeling a lot better.

Being sick always gets in the way of eating healthier and exercising, I am sure you can get back on track :)

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Jen-Thanks I really appreciate that. I'm getting excited too. It should be super fun.

Sarah-I missed you too!

Celine-I know. It was a major bummer not to meet you, but I hear there is talk of a Buffy themed meet up. If so, I am totally there!

Swellvegan-I'll try to inspire but we'll see how that goes. We'll really see how well I stick to this once fall comes. Yummy fall foods. Mmm...

Mandee-Thanks! I told myself tomorrow is the beginning of getting right back to it. I'm excited.